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The Northern California Innocence Project has submitted 4 applications for commutation to California Governor, Gavin Newsom. Collectively, these individuals have served nearly 70 years in prison for crimes they did not commit. Their innocence, the amount of time they have already been incarcerated, their involvement in education and self-improvement programs, along with strong release plans are appropriate reasons for their immediate release. Read their bios below.

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    Stephen Dossman

    Stephen Dossman has served over 30 years for a murder he did not commit. 

    • PROOF OF INNOCENCE: Two incentivized witnesses who actually participated in the crime provided the only evidence of guilt. One of the witnesses was never cross-examined and the other has since recanted his implication of Stephen. DNA testing of crime scene evidence revealed the absence of Stephen’s DNA and the presence of others.
    • ACHIEVEMENTS: Stephen has earned multiple college degrees, gained significant vocational training, and has received positive reviews from his work supervisors while incarcerated.
    • RELEASE PLAN: Stephen has several firm job offers upon his release and has the support of dozens of family members and friends who will help him reintegrate into society. Upon release, he hopes to spend his free time working with at-risk youth and getting to know his grandchildren.

    Juan Bautista

    Juan Bautista has served over 10 years for an attempted murder he did not commit.

    • PROOF OF INNOCENCE: Juan’s brother (near-twin in appearance) has admitted repeatedly that he, not Juan, committed the offense. This evidence is corroborated by the brother’s polygraph examination and a companion of the shooter who was not previously identified. 
    • ACHIEVEMENTS: Juan is working towards a degree in psychology. His habeas petition is pending in court.
    • RELEASE PLAN: Upon release, Juan will live with his wife and young daughter and already has a viable job offer. Juan will continue to pursue his college degree in psychology and wants to learn American Sign Language because he is losing his hearing and would like to work as a translator.

    Kevin Harper

    Kevin Harper has served nearly 12 years for a murder he did not commit.

    • PROOF OF INNOCENCE:  After the tragic death of his infant son, who was born 13 weeks premature, Kevin was convicted of involuntary manslaughter and child abuse. This conviction was based on medical testimony of Shaken Baby Syndrome (“SBS”), a diagnosis that is now considered both controversial and unreliable. The singular focus on SBS resulted in the failure to recognize the other medical conditions that likely caused his son’s death.
    • ACHIEVEMENTS: ​Kevin does not have a single disciplinary action, earned his associate’s degree in business, and is taking classes to earn his bachelor’s degree. Kevin has participated in numerous self-development programs and was instrumental in raising money for local cancer research programs. Kevin’s successful participation earned him a role as a program facilitator, and prison staff have referred to Kevin as a standout inmate and peer motivator.
    • RELEASE PLAN:​ Kevin will live with his mother upon his release and looks forward to reuniting with his teenage daughter.

    Clifton Jones

    Clifton Jones has served nearly 15 years for a murder he did not commit.

    • PROOF OF INNOCENCE: After his only son died in a tragic accident, Clifton was wrongly convicted of manslaughter and child abuse based on expert medical testimony that has since been proven false. All witnesses agreed he was a loving, gentle father, and there was no other evidence of abuse.
    • ACHIEVEMENTS: Clifton is enrolled in college classes, has gained vocational training, and has been commended by prison staff for his engagement in self-improvement programs. 
    • RELEASE PLAN: Clifton has been accepted into transitional housing programs with proven success in California, and his family awaits his release out of state. When he can leave the state, Clifton will live with his nephew, an Airborne Ranger in the Army, where he can be near his close-knit family.