NCIP works with a limited number of volunteers and interns on casework, policy work, fundraising, and communications. Below are different opportunities available. To best stay updated on volunteer opportunities, make a volunteer profile here.

If you have questions about volunteer/internship positions or programs, please send your inquiry to ncip@scu.edu.

Community Ambassador Program

NCIP’s Community Ambassador Program makes volunteering more accessible for those interested in making a difference. This is your chance to use your voice in bringing awareness to the causes and consequences of wrongful convictions by sharing your knowledge about NCIP with your community. By signing up for this activity, you will have access to a toolkit that provides social media posts and prints to hand out. Stay up-to-date on what you can do to spread the word!

As an NCIP Community Ambassador, your commitment will be to:

  • Engage yourself in learning more about NCIP, the innocence movement, and the criminal legal system.
  • Empower others in your community to take action.
  • Transform beliefs and understanding of wrongful convictions in your community.

How to sign up

Policy Advocacy

The California Innocence Coalition is made up of the three innocence organizations located in California (Northern CA Innocence Project, Loyola Project for the Innocent, and CA Innocence Project). Signing up for this volunteer activity will give you access to toolkits that will help you to advocate for CIC’s current legislative reform efforts. Stay up-to-date and learn what you can do to help CIC reform the system.

How to sign up

Letters of Hope

Are you looking for an opportunity to make a positive impact in the life of an NCIP client?
NCIP is looking for volunteers to write letters directly to an NCIP client who may still be incarcerated or recently freed. Letters of hope and encouragement go a long way in helping our clients stay positive as they fight for their freedom. Sign up to volunteer for our Letters of Hope project.

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Website Accessibility Audit

Help NCIP assess how accessible our website is to users with disabilities and identify the next steps to ensure our site is accessible to all.

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Translation Services

Translate NCIP’s promotional materials from English to Spanish, including one-pagers, event flyers, e-newsletters, and the NCIP website.

How to sign up

More opportunities are available here, sign up or login to learn more!