Seeking Commutation


In addition to the commutation applications submitted to California Governor Newsom on behalf of innocent clients currently incarcerated, NCIP has submitted an application for posthumous pardon on behalf of David Losoya. Learn more about the cases below and contact Governor Newsom and tell him to pardon David Losoya and free NCIP’s innocent clients from prison today!

David Losoya, deceased

David Losoya was wrongfully convicted in 1978 of murder committed during a Nuestra Familia (NF) related robbery. He spent 37 years in prison, mostly in solitary confinement until he died of Valley Fever in June 2015. At the time of Mr. Losoya’s sudden, preventable death, NCIP was just weeks away from filing a challenge to his conviction.

  • PROOF OF INNOCENCE: Based on its own investigation, the FBI had known since 1978 that David did not participate in the robbery/murder and the only evidence against David was an unreliable, hypnosis-produced identification.
  • TREATMENT IN PRISON: David spent all but two and half years of his 37 years in prison in solitary confinement, where he lapsed in and out of psychosis due to this confinement. Due to inadequate prison policies and medical care, David died of Valley Fever in 2015.

A pardon would serve to right the wrongs of David’s wrongful conviction, confinement to solitary, and preventable death. David’s conviction was a result of unreliable evidence and suggestive police procedures. His confinement in solitary was due in part to prejudice and his death was the result of a disease improperly handled by prison officials. Police misconduct and racism in our criminal justice system and the failure to provide adequate healthcare is glaring in California’s corrections system.  A pardon for David would demonstrate California’s willingness to acknowledge and make reparation for past mistakes and contribute to an ongoing commitment to working towards a more equitable justice system.