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Senate Bill SB923

(Senators Anderson, Skinner, and Glazer) Automatic Compensation for Exonerees

Eyewitness misidentification is one the leading causes of wrongful convictions. Nineteen states have adopted eyewitness identification best practices for their law enforcement agencies; California is not one of them. Over the last 30 years, social scientists have identified core practices to reduce the risk of obtaining a misidentification: 1) a blind administration of the eyewitness identification process, meaning the person who conducts the procedure is not aware of who the suspect is; 2) admonitions informing the witness that the suspect may or may not be in the photos; 3) proper fillers, i.e. photos of non-suspects should be close to the description of the perpetrator so as to not make the suspect stand out; 4) a statement from the witness as to how confident they are in their identification at the time of the identification; and 5) a recording of the procedure. The goal of SB 923 is to reduce misidentifications and resulting wrongful convictions, and to increase public safety by improving the reliability of identifications through statewide adoption of eyewitness identification best practices in California. NCIP is partnering with the ACLU, the California Innocence Project in San Diego, and Loyola Project for the Innocent in Los Angeles on this bill.

SB 1094

(Senators Anderson, Skinner, and Glazer) Automatic Compensation for Exonerees

AB 1987

(Assemblymember Lackey) Post-Conviction Discovery Reform

AB 2988

(Assemblymember Weber) Evidence Retention