Client Stories

Since 2001, NCIP has attained justice for 35 innocent people who collectively have spent more than 525 years in prison. We currently have approximately 80 open and pending cases and receive more than 1,500 requests for assistance per year.
To learn more about each of our exonerees, click on their photo below. The cost of wrongful incarceration depends on the annual updated yearly cost to incarcerate an individual, which can be found here. The number presented from the year of release times the number of years wrongfully incarcerated is the estimated cost of one's wrongful incarceration.

Zavion Johnson
Lost 17 years

Glenn Payne
Lost 15 years

Darwin Crabtree
Lost 10 years

Domingo Anaya Bustos
Lost 21 years

Ed Easley
Lost 5 years

Larry Pohlschneider
Lost 15 years

Ronald Ross
Lost 7 years

George Souliotes
Lost 16 years

Johnny Williams
Lost 14 years

Obie Anthony III
Lost 17 years

Bismarck Dinius
Fought 3 years


Martin Laiwa
Lost 15 years

Mashelle Bullington
Lost 4 years

Armando Ortiz
Lost 4 years

Kenneth Foley
Lost 12 years

Jeffrey Rodriguez
Lost 5 years

Peter Rose
Lost 10 years

John Stoll
Lost 20 years

Albert Johnson
Lost 10 years

Ronald Reno
Lost 5 years

Maurice Caldwell
Lost 21 years

Jimmie Dick

Lost 30 years

Jack Sagin
Lost 34 years

Bob Fenenbock
Lost 28 years

Lionel Rubalcava
Lost 17 years

Karla Baday
Lost 17 years

Ricky Davis
Lost 12 years

Edelyn Yhip
Fought 5 years

Jeremy Puckett
Lost 18 years

Arturo Jimenez
Lost 26 years

Clifton Jones
Lost 15 years

Juan Bautista
Lost 12 years

Kevin Harper
Lost 13 years

Joaquin Ciria
Lost 32 years