Voices of NCIP


Jeremy Puckett and his legal team (“Team Puckett”) share Jeremy’s nearly two-decade journey to freedom.
NCIP’s path to a thriving organization built upon strong roots.
Learn more about how NCIP helps to exonerate the innocent, educate law students, professionals and the public, and reform the criminal legal system.
In 2022, NCIP helped to free Joaquin Ciria and Kevin Harper, bringing our total number of freed clients to 35.
On October 6, 2022, NCIP hosted the first in-person Justice For All (JFA) Gala in three years and opened the program with a video highlighting numerous updates and achievements since the last JFA gala. 
On October 29, 2019, NCIP hosted a conversation with NCIP exoneree Karla Baday at Santa Clara University School of Law. Watch and learn about Karla’s story with NCIP Executive Director Linda Starr, volunteer attorney Catherine Boyle, and former NCIP clinical law student Jose Gonzalez. 
LocalLens talks with NCIP exonerees Obie Anthony, Rick Walker, and Darwin Crabtree.
LocalLens talks with NCIP Attorney & Policy Liaison, Missy O’Connell.

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