‘Junk Science’ with M. Chris Fabricant

On April 13, 2022, author M. Chris Fabricant visited Santa Clara University School of Law to discuss his latest book Junk Science and the American Criminal Justice System with NCIP Executive Director Linda Starr. The discussion was an hour long and included topics covering the consequences of allowing faulty forensics in our criminal legal system and its relation to innocence work.

M. Chris Fabricant is the Innocence Project’s Director of Strategic Litigation and one of the nation’s leading experts on forensic sciences and the criminal justice system. Fabricant is featured in the Netflix documentary The Innocence Files and his public commentary has been published in virtually every major media outlet. A former public defender and clinical law professor, Fabricant brings to his writing over two decades of experience ranging from litigating death penalty cases in the Deep South to misdemeanors in the South Bronx.